• We take 200kr in administraitive fee for the Unionen certificate and CSN case

  • Next risketta in English Friday at  03/04-20 at. 15:30- 19:00



  • Payment via bg: 781 - 74 48 or Swish 123  237 08 23.

  • The fee is 700 kr

  • Send an email to, along with name and phone number. It's important you take part in Risk1 before you do your theory test.

  • Riskettan is mandatory to take part in, a 3.5 hour long course when you discuss risky behaviors, like driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • You need to get a permit before you start practice driving," körkortstillstånd", at You also need to submit an eyesight test when you apply, the test can be done here at the office during our office hours, 150 kr. ( For opening hours, see "kontakt, hitta hit")

  • There is theory to study, we have the English theory book, 790 kr, and  online theory tests unlimited 790 kr

  • Risktvåan is also manadatory, this is when you drive on a slippery surface, also ,  if you have enough driving practice. If your Swedish isn't so good, you may need an interpreter to go with you. They also have certain dates for English speaking people.

  • Next step is the theory test, and then the driving test.

  • Please note that if you need to cancel a driving lesson, or riskettan,  it needs to be done the day before, at 1.30 pm, to avoid having to pay for the lesson in full.  You can email us at

We offer driving lessons  with automatic and maual transmission in English. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at

Tel: 031-271147

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431 30 Mölndal