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You can reach us by email: info@molndalstrafikskola.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Getting a license in Sweden

We offer driving lessons with automatic and manual transmission in English and Pershian, and we have the course RISK 1 in English regulary. 

Please note that if you need to cancel a driving lesson, or Risk1,  it needs to be done the day before, at 1.30 pm, to avoid having to pay for the lesson in full.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@molndalstrafikskola.se

The first step towards getting your swedish license is getting a learners permit "Körkortstillstånd", at Transportstyrelsen. They also have a YOUTUBE channel that we highly recommend that you visit!
Here is a link to their informationvideos on how to get a license in different languages.

You also need to submit a eyesight test when you apply for your learners permit, the test can be done at our office during opening hours for a fee of 150kr, we then report the result to Transportstyrelsen for you. When your application is complete it normally takes a few days- a week before you get your permit. 

RISK 1 is a mandatory course that we hold in English at a regular basis, please go to Riskettan to see when our next class is. The fee for the course is 700 kr and is to be payed 48h prior to class. 

When you are all set to start driving, you should combine theoretical and practical practice, we have books in English, Pershian, Kurdish and Arabic, there is also an App that helps you practice for your theoretical exam. 

RISK 2/Halkkörning is also mandatory and your need to have passed Risk 2 before you take your tests.
During RISK 2 you drive on a slippery surface. If you have trouble with swedish instructions you may need to bring an interpretor. They also have special dates for Englishspeaking students. RISK 2 takes place at Stora Holm, Hisingen. If you want to know when they have dates for English speaking students you can call them at: 031-55 90 40

Then its time for your Theorytest, and after passing the theoretical exam its time for the driving test! At the moment there is a long waitingtime to take both the theorytest as well as the drivingtest. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email: info@molndalstrafikskola.se

When you are a member of Unionen we take a administration fee of 200kr / certificate.

Payment via
BG: 781 - 74 48 or
Swish 123  237 08 23.

Phone: 031-271147